The Gig Economy and Its Impact on Human Resources

[Podcast Part 1] The Gig Economy and Its Impact on Human Resources

In part 1 of this 2 part Globig series GPS President Adam Sheffield explores what the gig economy is and how it impacts HR departments around the world. In part 2 we’ll dive deeper into the liability and regulatory issues that are important for companies to be aware of.

Focus Questions

1. What is the gig economy and how are companies using it?
2. Is this just a US phenomenon or are you seeing a global impact?
3. How does the gig economy specifically impact human resources departments?
4. What are the best ways that companies can adapt to this new trend?
5. Will the appeal of this new, versatile, way to work attract top talent that would otherwise migrate toward a standard, corporate job?
6. What are the best ways to employ high-powered employees that are partial to free-lance work?
7. There are two schools of thought: Many people have called the gig economy a “trend” or a “fad,” saying that it might fade out of popularity in a few years, while others have stipulated that by 2040 the U.S. economy won’t even be recognizable due to the changes and advancements that the on-demand economy will usher in. Is the gig economy sustainable?

Learn more about our the GPS difference and check out part 2 of this podcast.

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