Mihi Named a Top 25 HR Technology Solution

Mihi Named a Top 25 HR Technology Solution

With companies going global faster than ever before, having a diverse and global workforce is now more of a norm rather than an exception. But while crossing the borders is getting easier for corporations, managing the workforce is getting increasingly complex. Stringent compliance mandates, and unique HR, benefits, payroll requirements across countries are hard to track and even harder to manage on a day-to-day basis.

Mihi – a cloud-based software for global workforce management is helping companies tackle these challenges by automating time and attendance, vacation, leave management, benefits administration and more. Mihi is compliance-ready out of the box i.e. it is prebuilt to enforce statutory regulations like wage, hour, and benefits in 40+ countries.

Global PEO Services’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, India and Mihi’s Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Rohit Lohia talks about how Mihi is keeping employees happy, improving compliance and getting better workforce visibility.

Q: There is an interesting backstory to the inception of Mihi. Tell us about it.

We were engaged by a Client when they were spinning out from a Fortune 50 company and needed a technology that could help their thousands of employees easily manage time and attendance and benefits across 35 countries. They needed this in less than 60 days.

We found that there was no single software to achieve their goals – you could combine multiple solutions but it was inefficient and left compliance loopholes that put our Client
at risk. We understood the need and we had the expertise to build a system so we asked our Client to let us build a software for them. The put their faith in us and rest is history.
This venture led to the birth of our software technology and its namesake company Mihi. We continue to be part of the Global Upside group but operate as an independent company.

Q: What are the major challenges that companies face today in HR management?

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