International Contractor, PEO or Employee?

Podcast - Contractor, PEO or Employee - Globig - Suraj Sharma

If you’re hiring people internationally, you’ll want to think carefully about the different ways you can engage talent and which format is best for your business. It’s especially important to pay attention as the relationship between you and your hire changes over time to make sure your workforce continues to be classified correctly.

This Globig podcast focuses on some frequently asked questions about when a company should work with a contractor abroad, when a PEO is best, and at what point setting up a foreign entity and hiring an employee is the right decision. We explore the pros and cons of each option in a variety of situations. The podcast features Suraj Sharma, the Client Services Director of HR at Global Upside Corporation. GUC is a conglomerate of brands specializing in international expansion operating in 150+ countries. The brands include Global Upside, Global PEO Services, Mihi, and Gava Talent Solutions,

Some Questions We Explore

  1. What are the main differences between a PEO, directly hiring an employee and using a contractor?
  2. When is it best to hire a contractor, an employee, or use a global PEO internationally?
  3. What are the risks of hiring contractors internationally?
  4. At what point would a contractor be considered an employee?
  5. When is it best to transition from one classification to another, is there a natural progression, or can you go back and forth between them?
  6. What are some of the known costs above salary/pay associated with each group?


About Suraj Sharma

Suraj is an experienced HR professional who specializes in employment contracts, benefits implementation, immigration, and mergers and acquisitions. He has spent several years assisting multinational companies in various cross functional capacities, and currently supports Global Upside Clients with their HR needs in over 40 countries worldwide.


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This podcast was originally published on Globig.

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