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permanent establishment
The concept of Permanent Establishment (PE) revolves around the tax administration in various countries when an organization conducts cross-border business. It poses risks such as double taxation on PE profits, varying value added tax (VAT) obligations, withholding requirements for payroll taxes and more. Considering how critical these risks are, there has been a surge in interest regarding PE rules. Common Indicators of a Permanent Establishment (PE) • A business is based out of a fixed
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5 questions before hiring global HR partners
Need to find expert HR services or partners in foreign countries? Not sure what characteristics to look for and the right questions to ask? Our President Adam Sheffield provides us with some quick tips for effectively evaluating and hiring international HR services. This podcast goes through 5 important questions companies should ask when doing their research for HR partners around the world. You’ll learn what level of experience to look for, the skills you’ll want your
Europe - the latest in hr, finance and employment law - matheson
Join international business experts from Global PEO Services, Irish Law Firm Matheson and Global Upside for a webinar on doing business in Europe that includes the latest in Europe’s HR, Finance and Employment Law. Our panelists will also put a special focus on Ireland – and provide detailed insights on doing business in the popular business destination for US companies. Download a PDF copy of the presentation here. AGENDA Europe: key considerations for legal entity setup Hiring
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Germany’s skilled labor force, technological expertise, and highly developed infrastructure make it one of the top investment destinations. In this post, we have listed five key factors that foreign businesses need to consider before beginning operations in Germany. 1.    Setting up a Business Legal entity setup can be complex and time consuming as companies need to navigate through several procedures including liaising with the local commercial register, the local chamber of industry and commerce, and
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UK lawmakers are deliberating a new Parental Bereavement (Pay and Leave) that will make it mandatory for employers to give paid time off to grieving parents. If approved, the new legislation is expected to be rolled out between 2018 and 2020. It will Grant 2 weeks’ paid statutory leave to employed parents who have lost a child under the age of 18, and allow them time to grieve. Allow companies to claim back parental bereavement
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