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Top 25 HR Technology Solutions - CIO Applications
With companies going global faster than ever before, having a diverse and global workforce is now more of a norm rather than an exception. But while crossing the borders is getting easier for corporations, managing the workforce is getting increasingly complex. Stringent compliance mandates, and unique HR, benefits, payroll requirements across countries are hard to track and even harder to manage on a day-to-day basis. Mihi – a cloud-based software for global workforce management is helping
When to Establish a Subsidiary or Use a PEO
When growing into a new country, businesses are often faced with overwhelming administrative work. A company can lose valuable time and resources performing tedious administrative tasks rather than focusing on core operations. The solution: hire the right people to run the administration. There are two main ways of doing this in a different country: opening an entity (usually done as a subsidiary) or hiring a professional employer organization (PEO). Let’s walk through the differences to
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How Technology is Influencing the Latest Outsourcing Trends
The transition from a service-oriented to a technology-intensive process is shaping up to be the hottest trend in outsourcing for the coming decade. 2018 shows cloud computing, data security, automation and artificial intelligence (AI), digital communication and virtual employment as some of the latest trends. And outsourcing companies are adapting with technological upgrades as well as business model innovations. Leveraging technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and project management software
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How PEOs Leverage the Pros and Cons of the Gig Economy
Fixed working hours. Adhere to organizational hierarchy. Long careers at one organization. The traditional workforce is structured with a single employer at the top and multiple workers following a hierarchy below. Conversely, the gig economy is defined by flexibility. Flexibility in working hours. Flexibility in the location. Flexibility in the commitment. From freelancers to independent contractors, the McKinsey Global Institute report on the gig economy states that 20-30% of workers in Europe and the US
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Gita women of influence
[SAN JOSE, CA] — Co-Founder and COO Gita Bhargava has been recognized as one of 2018’s most successful female leaders in the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Women of Influence Awards. In her role as Chief Operating Officer, Gita runs worldwide operations and customer service for the four companies that make up the Global Upside Corporation – the world’s leading provider of HR, Payroll, Accounting, Finance, Compliance and Talent Acquisition services: Global Upside, Global PEO Services, Mihi and Gava Talent Solutions. The
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