How Technology is Influencing the Latest Outsourcing Trends

How Technology is Influencing the Latest Outsourcing Trends

The transition from a service-oriented to a technology-intensive process is shaping up to be the hottest trend in outsourcing for the coming decade. 2018 shows cloud computing, data security, automation and artificial intelligence (AI), digital communication and virtual employment as some of the latest trends. And outsourcing companies are adapting with technological upgrades as well as business model innovations. Leveraging technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and project management software will help these companies push forward.

Incorporating Technology

Partnership Innovations – Technological platforms are enabling variations in partnership methodologies such as transparency, risk sharing, and accessibility to emerging technologies. A focus on outcomes and digital activities are also shaping new partnerships.

Virtual Employment – In 2018, the use of project management software to monitor remotely located employees in real time has grown. Development and implementation of software like this will allows virtual employment and the gig economy to continue to flourish in coming years.

Evolved Call Centers – The use of shared services, intelligent assistants, and virtual agents is on the rise. These technologies can respond to many customers while avoiding human errors, like accidental disconnection.

Cloud Computing – Cloud-based solutions are no longer the domain of just IT giants such as IBM, Accenture, Microsoft, and Amazon. Smaller firms are leveraging the potential of cloud-based solutions; the cloud computing industry is expected to cross 200 billion USD in 2018 alone.

Automation and Machine Learning – Existing processes and business models are shifting to utilize intelligent automation and machine learning to improve their efficiency and accuracy. We will continue to see this shift in to the coming years.

As existing outsourcing structures and business processes give way to technological adaptations, it remains essential to choose your service provider with caution. With the immersion into a digital world comes security risks. A professional employer organization (PEO) can leverage local expertise in recruiting, management, and compliance while maintaining security, digital communication, and efficiency.

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