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Pay Employees Without the Hassle

Pay employees in Spain without setting up a legal entity. Get peace of mind as we manage all aspects of your payroll, ensuring your employees are always paid accurately, on time, and in their local currency.

  • Payroll Setup

  • Payroll Funding

  • Payroll Administration

  • Payroll Compliance

  • Payroll Processing

  • Payroll Taxes

  • Payroll Reporting

  • Payroll Systems

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    Cross-Border Payments & Payroll Compliance

    Run compliant payroll in Spain no matter where your business is located. Our Spain payroll experts get you set up fast and ensure you are always in compliance with local payroll requirements.

    Struggling to Manage Payroll for Independent Contractors?

    Pay your contractors easily and without the risk. Rather than taking on the liabilities associated with employing an independent contractor, we allow you to hire them as employees through our Spain PEO. They continue to work for you, while we manage all aspects of payroll, HR, and compliance.

    The Solution to Low Headcount Payroll

    Eliminate complexity and reduce the cost associated with running payroll for just a few employees. With Global PEO Services, you gain full access to our pre-existing payroll infrastructure, teams, and processes. Stay flexible, save time, all while getting the payroll services and support you need.