GPS Announces Formation of New Holding Company

San Jose, CA – Global Upside today announced the formation of its holding company – Global Upside Corporation – the umbrella organization for – Global Upside, Global PEO Services, Gava Talent Solutions and Mihi Software.

“The reorganization is part of our efforts to increase our strategic, business and operational flexibility. It better reflects the scope of our business and vision for the future,” said Ragu.

The business operations of the companies will not change as a result of the reorganization. Global Upside CEO Ragu Bhargava is CEO of the holding company.

“Our accounting, payroll, HR, talent acquisition and PEO (professional employer) and software services now span 150+ countries and counting. We’ve grown and expanded significantly. This reorganization better positions us to continue to innovate and pursue even more strategic growth opportunities,” Ragu added.

Global Upside Corporation brands collectively provide a range of growth solutions spanning HR, Payroll, Accounting, Tax, Compliance, PEO, Talent Acquisition, and HCM Software services.

More information about Global Upside Corporation and its brands are available at these links.

Global Upside Corporation:

Global Upside:

Gava Talent Solutions:

Global PEO Services:

Mihi Software:

This article was originally published on BusinessWire.

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