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Hire and pay employees in Chile without setting up a legal entity. With our Chile PEO services, you select the candidate you want to hire, and we handle the rest.

  • Recruitment & Staffing

  • Employment Contracts

  • Hiring & Onboarding

  • Global Payroll

  • Global HR & HR Software

  • Employee Benefits

  • HR Compliance

  • Global Mobility

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    Recruit & Hire Top Talent in Chile

    Planning to hire an employee or contractor in Chile? We can help you find and hire your ideal candidate in a fraction of the time. Leverage our Chile PEO services to hire without setting up a legal entity. Save time, reduce cost, and get localized support for HR, payroll, and more.

    Stay Compliant

    We keep you compliant with Chile labor laws and regulations. From employment contracts, to payroll, to benefits, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy peace of mind and eliminate the burden of managing compliance for your Chile teams.

    Set Up New Hires for Success

    After making the hire, we guide your employees through the onboarding process and ensure they are well supported. In addition to managing all ongoing HR and payroll requirements, we help your employees secure top notch benefits. We also provide them with access to our local teams who are available to answer questions and provide support.