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Global PEO Process


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Make Expansion Easy With PEO


Hire and pay employees in 170+ countries without setting up a legal entity. With Global PEO Services, you simply let us know who you would like to hire, where you want to make the hire, and we handle the rest.

The PEO Process
How It Works

  • HIRE

    Choose the candidate you would like to hire or leverage our global staffing team to help you find the right local talent.


    We hire the candidate via our local legal entity and take care of all employment requirements. This includes drafting locally-compliant employment contracts, generating offer letters, and onboarding the new employee.


    Your employee starts fast and work with you directly, while we manage all aspects of ongoing HR, benefits, and compliance.

  • PAY

    Our teams take care of payroll for the employee, ensuring they are always paid accurately, on time, and in their local currency.

Build Your Global Teams Fast


We have already identified the employees we want to hire

Provide us with the candidate you would like to hire, and we get them hired and onboarded on your behalf.

We take care of all administrative aspects associated with the hiring process and manage HR, Payroll, Benefits, and more for the employee.

We need help finding and hiring employees

Interested in growing your team in a new country, but haven’t identified the candidates you want to hire? No problem! Unlike other PEOs, we have our own dedicated recruiting team available to address your hiring needs.

Our recruiters have decades of staffing experience and provide you with access to exclusive local talent networks, so you are always selecting from the best available candidates.

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