A Customized Approach to Global PEO

A Customized PEO Approach

A Consolidated Plan for a Globally Disbursed Workforce

Our Client, a non-profit, engages with nearly 1,800 communities across more than 40 countries and territories worldwide. Their mission is to develop a better quality of life for communities through education, financial stability, and health. As a global organization, they needed support from Global PEO Services (GPS) for many of their international employees to maintain smooth operations.

Read this case study to learn more about how Global PEO Services:

  • Provided dedicated team of multi-disciplinary experts to support expansion needs
  • Successfully transitioned Client employees to a consolidated PEO solution
  • Took on the compliance and operational burden for the Client, globally
  • Established continuity of payroll and benefits for the Client
  • Streamlined project communication by providing Client with a single point of contact

About Global PEO Services

Global PEO Services (GPS) helps companies expand globally without having to set up legal entities in foreign jurisdictions and deal with related talent acquisition, HR, benefits, payroll, tax, and compliance issues. Hire employees fast, test new markets, or respond to growing business needs quickly while leaving the compliance and operational burden to us.

With our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or Employer of Record (EOR) services, you get control without taking on legal entity liabilities, contractor risks, or sacrificing on talent and speed to market. Contact us today to learn more.