Best Countries for UX Designers

Best Countries for UX Designers

Both employers and workers often wonder what the best countries for UX designers are. The U.S. job market is increasingly competitive for hiring UX designers, which is why many companies are going international. With remote working environments becoming the norm, businesses now have access to a wide range of global talent.

Although international hiring can be a challenge, we’ve come up with a list of the best countries for UX designers. Our analysis is based on quality of work, supply of available talent, and education criteria.

Hiring High-Quality UX Designers

Businesses often look at compensation requirements to determine the quality and demand for workers. According to the Career Foundry, here are some of the top UX designer annual salaries by country. For comparison, the average salary in the U.S. for a UX designer is $92,000.

Due to the high competition and demand in the U.S., it can be difficult to find the right fit. This is why hiring internationally is an ideal solution to find the best talent for your needs.

1. The United States: $92,000

2. Australia: $61,000

3. Canada: $59,000

4. New Zealand: $55,000

5. Germany: $52,000

6. United Kingdom: $48,000

7. France: $43,000

8. China: $31,000

9. South Africa: $25,000

With tech hubs such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google all headquartered in America, it’s no surprise to see the U.S. at the top of the salary chart for technology positions. However, the other countries listed have very talented UX designers that can support you in your quest to improve user experiences.

Although some of these countries are more affordable than others, higher salaries are a good indicator of high-quality UX designers. If quality is the top priority for your business, then it would be important to consider some of the countries at the top of the list. In many ways, those are the best countries for UX designers.

It’s also possible that these technology workers are traveling to these countries to obtain a better quality of life. With remote work environments, many talented individuals are migrating to various countries and working from home.

Top 10 Best Countries for International Expansion

Supply of Available Tech Talent

The challenge with hiring top-tier technology workers, is availability. As the war for tech talent continues to wage around the world, businesses may need to consider other countries with a greater supply of UX designers.

It’s important to note that although some of these countries don’t pay high salaries, that doesn’t necessarily mean the results aren’t just as good. In some cases, these developing nations have made a push to focus on technology education, and are now emerging as some of the best countries for UX designers. A Global Developer Population and Demographic Study found:

· Latin America has the second strongest growth for developer population

· By 2024, India will overtake the U.S. as the largest developer population center

· The Asia Pacific region shows the strongest tech talent growth

Asia has made dedicated efforts to educate their workforce with a variety of computer science programs. Considering UX design is a critical element of technology functionality, these are also areas of focus. From Singapore to the Philippines, companies are looking to leverage these countries’ talent pools.

India is another country that is well known for its information systems and information technology sector. But the tech savvy workforce of this country also has highly qualified UX designers. Moving forward, India plans to continue to develop this sector of its economy, which will greatly benefit companies looking for the best countries for UX designers.

Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica are also emerging markets when it comes to hiring technology skill sets. Each of these nations have made significant efforts to implement technology into their higher education programs. According to Daxx, the number of computer engineers and technology workers in this region is expected to double by 2030.

What's the Difference? Hiring International Contractors or Employees.

Global Technology Education

Expanding companies look to countries with a focus on technology education. Building a reliable workforce depends on the quality education provided to its citizens. As companies search for talent with an expertise in UX design, countries are recognizing the need for development in this area. Providing candidates for these design positions will help boost long-term economies.

Countries are tasked with overcoming the challenge of a constantly evolving technology industry. Universities are adjusting their methods in order to teach more relevant and valuable skills for their local communities. A good example of this issue would be the recent emergence of Web 3.0, NFTs, cryptocurrency and other shifting technological ideals.

A reason the international education sector struggles to educate their communities is because of the salary disparities between the corporate sector and universities. Finding young, qualified individuals to train the up-and-coming generations is a serious challenge all over the world. Since most individuals prefer to pursue a higher income and better career opportunities, the education gap is difficult to fill. Additionally, students aren’t showing as much interest in pursuing career fields in UX design.

Japan, for example, is known for its capabilities with artificial intelligence and robotics, but the country expects to see a decline in workers for big data, AI, and IoT (Internet of Things). It’s expected that this workforce alone will come up short by about 48,000, with a shortfall of nearly 200,000 information security workers.

Today, the top countries making a push for technology education are:

· India

· The Philippines

· Singapore

· Poland

· Costa Rica

· Israel

· Japan

By motivating students to choose degrees in technology, these countries will be ahead of the curve when the demand continues to grow.

Best Countries for UX Designers

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