Australia Increases Annual Leave Time for Employees

Australia Increases Annual Leave Time for Employees

In light of the current pandemic, many employers around the world have begun to implement changes into their workplace policies, especially those pertaining to employee leaves.

Employees in Australia are now provisionally entitled to take up to two-times their annual leave at half-pay, up until March 29, 2021.

Employees were previously granted 2 weeks of unpaid ‘pandemic leave,’ however, the duration of these provisions were extended by the Australian Fair Work Commission (FWC), enabling them to take double the annual leave for a fraction of pay.

Under these provisions, employees will also be allowed to spread their normal work hours greater span of time than usual, and to work remotely. Additionally, an employer can provisionally decrease working hours for permanent employees by 25%, upon agreeance with the employee. This would require that at least 75% of the employees concur.

Employer Considerations:

Employers must revise their employment policies to entitle employees to take additional annual leaves at half pay on account of the pandemic, up until March 29, 2021.

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