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[Webinar] International Expansion: Going to Europe
Global PEO Services has teamed up with Osborne Clarke and Global Upside for a webinar on international expansion in Europe that includes Data Privacy (GDPR) compliance, and the latest updates in employment law, payroll and benefits. Download a PDF copy of the presentation here Agenda Common mistakes when expanding to Europe Setting up legal entities – do’s and don’ts Hiring options: contractors, employees, or PEO Managing multi-country payroll and benefits How employment law differs within Europe, the
British Columbia: Supreme Court Verdict Impacts Termination Clauses
British Columbia’s Supreme Court has ruled in favor of employees, impacting termination clauses. The ruling is for employees being provided common law reasonable notice even if the employer terminates or retracts the offer before the employee commences work. In Buchanan vs. Introjunction Ltd., 2017 BCSC 1002 the court ruled that the plaintiff was wrongfully dismissed and awarded him six weeks’ pay in lieu of notice. Outline of Court’s Ruling In October 2017 Colton Buchanan received
[Podcast Part 1] The Gig Economy and Its Impact on Human Resources
In part 2 of this Globig series GPS President Adam Sheffield dives deeper into the gig economy liability and regulatory issues that are important for companies to be aware of. In part 1 we explored what the gig economy is and how it impacts HR departments around the world. The discussion is focused on the following questions. 1. How should companies deal with the liability issues that are presented by the gig economy such as the lack
Why Partner with a PEO?
September 4, 2017

Why Partner with a PEO?

A partner professional employer organization or PEO allows businesses to outsource crucial functions of their business operations and HR such as talent acquisition, payroll, and benefits. According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), a PEO can help businesses grow 9% faster and reduce the chances of shutting down by 50%. Here are four key benefits a PEO can offer. Cost-Effectiveness In a competitive market, employers are always looking for ways to provide additional
Going Global? Keep Your Workforce Lean
What Is Lean Hiring? Lean hiring, also known as lean recruitment, is a way for companies to effectively acquire top talent for their firms by simultaneously eliminating waste and boosting efficiency. This is accomplished through identifying wasteful and cumbersome processes within the hiring process and either removing or replacing them. Ultimately, this serves to decrease turnover and establish a format for streamlining the process of recruiting and acquiring human capital. One of the most obvious
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