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UK lawmakers are deliberating a new Parental Bereavement (Pay and Leave) that will make it mandatory for employers to give paid time off to grieving parents. If approved, the new legislation is expected to be rolled out between 2018 and 2020. It will Grant 2 weeks’ paid statutory leave to employed parents who have lost a child under the age of 18, and allow them time to grieve. Allow companies to claim back parental bereavement
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9 faqs about peo
1. What are Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)? A PEO is an organization to which an organization can outsource a wide range of human resource management tasks including benefits, compensation, recruitment, payroll, and training. Following a co-employment model, a PEO hires employees on behalf of their clients and acts as the “employer on record” responsible for insurance and tax compliance of the employees. 2. What are the types of businesses that need a PEO? Any types of
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How to Go Global Faster, Easier & More Affordably
Subscribe Now to get Global PEO Services news and insights   Globig CEO Anke Corbin interviewed GPS President Adam Sheffield about international PEOs (Professional Employer Organization) and employers of record. Read on for the interview and advice on going global faster, easier, and more affordably. Q 1: What is a Global PEO and how are companies using it? A: A Global PEO is the employer of record that hires your employees for you (co-employment) in any given country you’re
[Webinar] Ensuring Compliance with the Global Gig Economy[Webinar] Ensuring Compliance with the Global Gig Economy - strategies
Bloomberg BNA has teamed up with Global PEO Services for a webinar on the risks and benefits of working with the global gig economy. The panelists will provide strategies for managing these new types of employment relationships. Download a PDF copy of the presentation here Educational Objectives Understand the international employment landscape, particularly the global gig economy Learn the top compliance challenges that arise when expanding internationally and engaging the global gig economy Gain strategies for ensuring
Co-Founder and CEO Ragu Bhargava Wins 2017 Pride of India Award
Ragu Bhargava, CEO and Co-Founder of Global PEO Services, Global Upside, and Mihi, won the 2017 Pride of India Award presented to him by the NRI Institute at a gala at the UK House of Lords in London last week. The NRI Institute honors Indian-origin business executives who have made a lasting impact through entrepreneurship and innovation. Ragu, who co-founded Global Upside with his wife Gita Bhargava (COO at Global PEO Services) in 1996, has